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Tagore International School, India, was founded in 1964. Named after Rabindranath Tagore, it envisions an education "deeply rooted in one’s immediate surroundings but connected to the cultures of the wider world, predicated upon pleasurable learning and individualized to the personality of the child". The schools are run by the Tagore Education Society, a society founded by Dr. Mrs. Hari Sen and Mr. Jitender Sen in 1964. Tagore International Schools have been imparting quality education in their two branches at East of Kailash and Vasant Vihar. The Schools believe in steady and continuous progress, with never-ending modernization and increased facilities and infrastructure. Great emphasis is laid on cultural exposure, which is encompassed by regular performances by renowned artists from the various corners of the world.

School emblem[edit]

The Tagorean emblem represents three letters T I S. The central I is the leaping flame of the candle, signifying everlasting knowledge, enclosed by T which forms the arms and legs of the child who is never tired in his quest for this 'Vidya' or knowledge. Like the light of the candle, the child is continuously striving to reach for the stars.

Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar[edit]

It was established in 1972 by Dr. Mrs. H. Sen, as an English medium Senior Secondary School.

The school philosophy is illustrated in Rabindranath Tagore's words "I was brought up in an atmosphere of aspiration, aspiration for the expansion of the human spirit. We in our home sought freedom of power in our language, freedom of imagination in our literature freedom of soul in our religious creeds, and that of mind in our social environment. Such an opportunity has given me confidence in the power of education which is one with life and only which can give us real freedom, the highest that is claimed for man, his freedom of moral communion in the human world".


Tagore International School[edit]

  • Madhulika Sen (Director - V.V.)
  • Rina Singh (Principal - V.V.)
  • Mallika Preman (Principal - E.O.K.)


  • School building, East Of Kailash

  • School playgrounds & Basketball court


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