Coaching Classes Should Not Be Banned Essay

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The reason why teens go to school in the first place is to gain knowledge that they can apply later on in life. That is the whole point of education. The opposition side is implying that ‘something more productive’ is that teens go out and make money which is kind of not the point because they need to go to school to have a lifelong career and a stable job in the future. Therefore, telling them to make money is a completely different and rather useless matter in this argument as we are discussing the well-being of teenagers who go to school. Even if the opposition states that ‘1 in 2 teens have a source of income through labor’ that may only be the case in the American country due to its capitalism form of culture. In other cultures, namely Asian or European, it may be a completely different case.

For the pro’s defense, this side never mentioned that homework keeps kids out of trouble. Kids will make trouble regardless of whether they do their homework or not. If they are trouble-makers then they make trouble and homework has nothing to do with the nature of someone making trouble.

The article that the con has presented clearly says that "Only senior students in Years 11 and 12 benefit from after-school work, associate professor Richard Walker said." which in fact, shows that homework does have an effect. And if it does have an effect on Years 11 and 12, the reason why it may not on the lower levels is because perhaps they are not focused enough and dont commit their time on it because of a lazy attitude. Furthermore, the second article is in contrast to the first article posted by the opposition side. The latter article states that the more homework, the lower achievement results whereas the first article states that countries such as Japan or Korea have more efficient students due to their strict school constantly making them study. The pro's side suggests that the opposition fully understand the given evidence before copying and pasting it as an argument.

As the con’s side demands reference, here is the reference I have chosen to prove that a myriad of teens do spend time on social media.

Social Network Statistics


Total percentage of 18-24 year olds who already use social media


Total amount of minutes people spend on Facebook every month

700 billion

Reference:< N.A. (January 2014). Social Networking Statistics. Statistic Brain. Retrieved from;

The percentage of teens using social media is near to 98% and these teens spend 700 billion minutes every month. The opposition side mentions that we are wasting our two hour a day sacrifice of doing homework when average teens spend 700 billion minutes in the internet every month. Teenagers are already locked up in their rooms which exonerates the idea of homework fomenting that effect. Talk about a waste of time?

In conclusion, homework does have a positive effect in the lives of many people. This is because homework is a good way of covering what people learn in class and serves as a learning pathway for students. If done well, students learn to feel good about their accomplishments and therefore will only have inspiration to work harder. As increasingly difficult homework gets, students learn perseverance to accomplish more challenging problems. Homework will make a positive effect not only in the knowledge but also the attitude of a proper learning individual.

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I never said or implied that school is not for gaining knowledge. Your arguement is invalid.

Secondly, I presented the solution to education, it needs to appeal to students. Science proves that homework doesn't accomplish anything. Why? Because nobody wants to sit at home and study. It is so easy to daydream, get distracted, or choose not to do it. At my old school, I was in a 12 person grade. My entire grade scored in the top 2% of students in the state. We enjoyed school, and not to mention I never had homework, not one day. The problem with education is it doesn't interest students anymore. You want to get better at something you like, its common sense. You want to know more about things that appeal to you, and homework doesn't really appeal to students. It never has, it is a complete waste of time.

We need to make education more interesting to students, which CAN and HAS been done, especially at my old school.

Thanks for debating with me!

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