A Date Which Will Live In Infamy Speech Analysis Essay


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 periodFebruary 9, 2015Rhetorical Analysis o F!R"s

 Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation

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 19&1 ' a date which will li(e in ina$y) are words that be*an one o the $ost a$ous speeches in history +Roose(elt. -hrou*hout A$erican history, there ha(e been $any *reat speeches used to try to persuade the public, but perhaps one o the *reatest is Franlin !. Roose(elt"s

 Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation

. -he purpose o F!R"s speech was to *i(e the acts o the bo$bin* o /earl arbor and to lay out why A$erica should *o to war to retaliate a*ainst the apanese. n his speech, F!R used rhetorical de(ices with the purpose o con(incin* 3on*ress to declare war on the apanese and to rally the A$erican people. n the openin* state$ent o his speech, F!R, the /resident o the 4nited tates, addressed the ice /resident, the peaer, and $e$bers o the ouse and enate, reco*ni7in* the audience o his speech, and settin* up his authority, or ethos, o(er his audience. is stron* use o diction, with phrases such as8 #a date which will li(e in ina$y) and #suddenly and deliberately attaced), epressed his sadness and disdain that an act such as the bo$bin* o /earlarbor would be co$$ited a*ainst the 4nited tates +Roose(elt. :y statin* the act, or lo*os, that #-he 4nited tates was at peace with that nation and, at the solicitation o apan, was still in con(ersation with its *o(ern$ent and its e$peror looin* toward the $aintenance o peace in


“A Date that Will Live in Infamy” – 

The Rhetoric Behind the Speech Robert C. Taylor


“A Date that Will Live in Infamy” – 

The Rhetoric Behind the Speech

If Roosevelt’s goal was war 

, then his speech was the instrument that he used to bringwarfare. Congress, after hearing his speech, voted almost unanimously in favor of war. In fact,

Roosevelt’s speech, the famous speech where “a date that will

live in Infamy” originates

, can beaccurately described as a persuasive piece whose purpose is to gain a war declaration. Thisspeech calls for a declaration of war by combining fact with rhetorical technique to produce astrong undeniable argument which convinces the congressional representatives to retaliate withmilitary action in r

esponse to Japan’s attack 

. Unsurprisingly, the arguments in the speech relyheavily on preceding events for emotional basis, logical basis, and justification as these events

are still fresh in congresses’ mind

. Because the speech was convincing, it can still be heard and isstill relatable today despite the fact the


native emotional atmosphere has all butdissipated. Also, the significance of the speech

has caused the speech’s words to still resound


America’s history due to

the speech’s role

in triggering America

’s involvement in World War II.

Roosevelt’s effective use of rhetoric convinced the congressional representatives to declare war 

on the Japanese Empire.First, Japan's ethos is destroyed from Roosevelt's manipulation of fact and emotion.

Roosevelt’s begins his attack very early in his speech by describing Japan’s attack as both

sudden and deliberate to evoke hostile feelings in the congressional representatives. Essentially,he sets the mood in which the congressmen will come to receive the information he presents andhe defines the emotional memory these congressmen will take away after hearing his speech.

 Next, Roosevelt builds logic for his attack on Japan’s ethos through the use of faulty

reasoningby making use of an overgeneralization to prove Japan cannot be trusted. The overgeneralization

is built from the way Japan’s diplomats terminated peace negotiations.

That is, the deceitful

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