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LEAN TECHNIQUES2Lean TechniquesLean manufacturing helps an organization to eliminate as much waste as possible and to deliver as much value as possible. A full evaluation of all processes must be completed to identify areas of potential waste which do not create value. While many firms can benefit from lean processes, this paper will concentrate on the furniture and reupholster sectors. In particular, American Leather, of Dallas, Texas, has successfully incorporated lean techniques to improve their manufacturing processes and increase value.American Leather’s Current Lean StrategiesAmerican Leather’s CEO, Bob Duncan, had the foresight to break the mold for traditionalmanufacturing methods in the furniture manufacturing industry. He was a visionary from the beginning of his business, a pioneer of sorts. Hans (2012) quoted Duncan as saying:Lean manufacturing was really the core differentiation of the business back when we started in 1990. Everything we do is made-to-order. We went into an industry where we were shipping three to five times faster than the industry normal, and offering a really nice level of customization. That’s what really differentiated the company. (para. 2)It is easy to see Duncan saw the value of delivering a product in a quick and timely manner, something not considered normal in the industry. At the company’s inception, the industry standard was that a customer could expect a wait time of ten to twelve weeks for delivery. Duncan’s target is less than three weeks from order to finished product (Hans, 2012).Duncan’s approach was the opposite of the rest of the industry. He capitalized on a niche market in which he understood how the lean process would directly apply. Specifically, his product would use minimal inventory of raw material, work-in-progress, and finished goods (Jacobs & Chase, 2014). His processes included measuring and sewing pieces together for a precision fit over the furniture piece’s frame. Although this required extra engineering effort

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Process Flowchart
OPS 571
December 3, 2012

Process Flowchart Daily tasks are often mundane and become a ritual for many. Often these tasks are process oriented. This allows these tasks to be set-up as a way to save time, improve the structure, or allow one to improve. The use of a flowchart enables the process to be illustrated through its phases in which solutions and tasks can be complete simultaneously. This paper will evaluate the flowchart of my daily task of preparing for inspections and will help me improve and be more efficient. A review of the process, flowchart, and various factors affecting the design and metrics to measure the progress of the process will be discussed. Factors “A good way to start…show more content…

Gas tank full, if yes go to step 11, if no go to step 10. 7. Ready for workday.
Design Elements This process starts and ends with square boxes, using arrows to show the flow of the process from start to finish. An upside-down triangle indicates a storage point with no inspections enabling me to save tune and prepare in advance. Rectangles are steps in the process with approximate times in each. Decision points are shown with diamond shapes with arrows following yes and no responses. Measurement This measurement of the process will be time. Cycle time according to Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilano 2006, is “a repetitive process is the average time between completions of successive units” (p. 156). The step that could improve preparation time is step 8, laundry. This step currently takes the most time to complete and is an oversight requiring me to wake up early to prepare this step in the process. Each step can be evaluated to see if there is a way to modify a step to save time and improve the process more. If too much time is spent on one item, or a factor not considered hinders my arrival time, it could cost me money and repeat business. Conclusion A flowchart is intends to show a process from start to finish and visibly show the required steps in between. The decisions and the times they are made in the process can modify the process making it easier or complicate it further. This process will be

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