Senior Project Research Paper Rubric College

Senior Project

Senior Project


As part of senior level English, Wayne Central students will complete Senior Project.  Senior Project is a culminating assessment that students will engage in to further develop and apply their knowledge and skills as well as showcase their achievement.


Senior Project provides seniors with an opportunity to enhance lifelong learning habits and interests. Through this project students are able to demonstrate accumulated skills in writing, research, reasoning, problem solving, organization and time management, as well as human interaction and public speaking.  This project allows them to showcase the very skills and abilities which they will be expected to demonstrate as college students and/or employees.


Four Stages of Senior Project

Paper—Seniors select an approved topic and write a research paper during this phase. Students use skills to acquire knowledge, research a variety of information, and utilize their writing skills.


Product—During this phase students apply the knowledge they gained during their research to define, design, and produce a related product. This component of the Senior Project offers the students an opportunity to apply a real-world context to the knowledge and skills learned in school.


Portfolio—Students will showcase their Senior Project journey through documentation and visuals.


Presentation—In the final phase of Senior Project, students will speak formally to a panel of teachers and community members regarding their growth and learning as a result of their Senior Project.


The Process

1. Students will attend their Senior Level English class

2. Students will receive a Senior Project Manual which has all of the information, including due dates, needed to complete this requirement.

3. Students will work closely with their English teacher throughout the process, seeking extra help and assistance when needed.


Graduation Requirements
Wayne Central
(315) 524-1074
6200 Ontario Center Road PO Box 155
Ontario Center, NY 14520

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