Mat2379 Assignment 5 Photography

15862 – Computational Photography

Assignment5: Tour Into the Picture: Single View Modelling

- Nisarg Vyas (nisarg AT cmu DOT edu)

The goal of the project is to estimate simple 3D geometry model from a single image based on some cues input by the end-user, and using that 3D model to generate novel views of the image. This uses the TIP (Tour Into the Picture) interface first, which allows users to input back plane and the vanishing point in the scene.



Original ImageOutput of the TIP Interface

Sample novel views generated from the original

These are just 2 sample views from many possible views. To generate even more views, you can use SJerome_model.fig , which is a Matlab figure file consisting of the estimated 3D model of the taken photograph. One can upload that in Matlab, and using the camera toolbar and 3D rotation properties, one can then generate interesting novel views.


Original Image – Another World (From MS Escher) – A classic picture demonstrating illusion in perceiving planes from 3D geometry

Sample Novel views

In the second novel view, we can easily see, that the ‘same’ pillar on the upper right corner of the image is shared between the back plane and the side plane, and hence creating geometric illusion in perception for humans.

The geometry model can be downloadedfrom here:AnotherWorld_model.fig


Original Image

Sample Novel Views

The geometry model can be downloadedfrom here:View2_model.fig

I have chosen André Kertész as my inspired photographer and compared the similarities and differences between my photographs and his work. Before comparing my photographs to André Kertész, it is important to understand the photographer’s style first. André’s photography style was unique because of his camera angles which helped him gain a bigger interest in people. His camera angles were mainly height with depth; for example, André liked taking pictures from a high spot and shooting down, which made the subjects in the photos look like flies. In order for André to capture images with both range and depth, André used a SLR 35mm Leica camera because it has the ability to shoot with long range, interchangeable lenses, and slow shutter speeds. André’s style was typically modern urban in the twentieth century and his photos were combined with abstract concepts. After those attempts, André is now known for his original photos in his photography style and is now influencing many modern photographers.


The similarities and differences between my photographs and the work of the selected photographer can be seen greatly apart. In my photographs, I have used similar photography techniques as André Kertész, such as height, depth, patterns, textural, contrasts, and main focal points.


In one of my photos containing the CN Tower, I did not make the CN Tower a main focus otherwise the rest of the subjects in the photo will be blurred out. Rather, I captured the image from a low height because I wanted to position the CN Tower as smaller compared to the other buildings. The lines from the skyscrapers on the right hand side help to give the photo some patterns. The difference in this photo would be simplicity and balance found in André’s photo.


The second photo that I captured in the Toronto Eaton Center, it contains height, depth, lines, and shadows. Similar to one of André’s picture, the picture has a great height because I captured the photo from the highest floor in the Eaton Center to achieve a bird’s eye view similar to André’s photographs. The differences when comparing to André is that Andre’s bird’s eye view picture are mostly taken outdoors to have a better shadow effect from the people.


In my third photo, I captured this photo because it has movement in the subjects of the photo, similar to André’s photograph which has movement because of the ballerinas. In differences, my photograph contains more lines and depth because of the tall buildings, electric wires, and the median lines on the street all give lines and depth in the photograph.


In my fourth photograph, I captured this picture in Hong Kong because I saw a big similarity of the focal point in the photograph that André took. In my picture, it has a focal point on the cruise ship and the skyline of the Hong Kong water and skyscrapers give the picture balance and lines. The differences when comparing André’s photograph is that Andre’s photograph has more simplicity.


In my fifth photograph, it similarly has the same photography style as André because it mainly consists of lines from the building, stairs, and the tree, while having little movement from the airplane in the top left corner. The main difference between my fifth photo and André’s photo is that my photograph uses the building as the main subject, whereas, in Andre’s photo uses chairs.


In conclusion, the main reason why I took these photographs in a particular way was to show the most important aspects of the work of the selected photographer through my images. In my images, I used natural images with no altering and played around with depth, lines, and patterns by only using different camera angles, artistic buildings, and height when capturing my images to express the important photography style aspects that André Kertész once used.


– Ka Fan 100773588

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