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I love Frostburg, it's my other home. I hate the cold, but you deal with it after a while. It's a cheap school and a great school. There's nothing to do outside of campus but they have so many events and so many organizations that there's always something to do and there's a place for everyone.
Frostburg is a pretty decent school; the classes are easy to get, there's a decent honors program, everything is accessible by bus, and if you're looking for a small town atmosphere, it's a good college for you.
Frostburg is a great school for students to attend coming straight out of high school. It helps students get adapted to college life very easy and the professors here are great and love working with the students. The professors here want their students to succeed. The only downside is that students do end up transferring to bigger and better universities about one or two years.
I love Frostburg State University. There is so much to do on campus including Late at Lane activities and different performances.
I am enjoying my first year here at FSU. I have been able to figure out exactly what I want to major in and got help deciding talking to some of my professors. The professors here want you to succeed and its exciting to see them get excited when you excel and they help and have options to help in a subject.
I had various issues with professors throughout the years, and it was always extremely difficult to resolve. One year- I had a professor who gave me a 25 out of 75 in my participation due to the fact that she got "negative vibes"from me. Of course I went to the Dean, whom when he confronted the professor, made up another reason. He did nothing else to resolve it, and each time I had a problem thereafter he was completely cold and showed no empathy. After I graduated, I realized I would never donate to my alma mater.
It was been a blast for the first semester that i have been there. The class sizes are not really that big, the most people that i had in a class was like 10 or 12 and that was for most on tmy classes.the teachers really want you to succeed. There are a lot of clubs and organizations on campus that you can be apart of. There activities that they have are cool like they bring up jesse McCartney.The football team is good.
-Frostburg State University is located in Frostburg, Maryland 21532

-What I like about FSU is that it is a smaller university that serves the direct goal of educating students, and this university does this extremely well. The primary focus of this university in terms of academics is business and education. FSU has an MBA program for college students pursuing a masters in business. This university is also on the cheaper end, averaging 21000$ a year to attend full-time for in-state students and about 30000$ for out of state.

-Some of the negatives to this university is that it is very bear-bones. There are not a lot of organizations to join, there are not a lot of entertaining things to do, and the room and board are pretty sparse. It doesn't help FSU is located in a town that has also has very little things to do or go to. The Town of Frostburg is more propped up economically by the University and not the other way around.
I have been attending Frostburg State University for the past 2 years now. I think that it is a great school. The classes are very similar to those of my previous high school in terms of size, normally no more then 30 people. This allows you to interact with your professor and receive help fairly easy. A great school and would recommend to a friend or family member.
I’m a freshman at Frostburg currently on winter break. Overall a good school with dedicated professors.
The main thing that I like about Frostburg is the family like atmosphere. Each of my six professors knew my name by the end of week three. My advisor stayed in contact with all of my professors to make sure I was on track to pass. The dorms are clean, the food is good, and everyone on campus wants to see you succeed.
Frostburg is a very affordable college for the education it provides. However, the school could use renovated classrooms and dormitories as many of them are outdated. Frostburg is a very small town so there is not a whole lot to do around the immediate area. Otherwise, there are things to do around campus and activities to get involved in.
There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and be heard on the University Stage. Also, most professors really care about students and how they do in the classes.
its cheap, first off, like its very affordable and the people here, campus workers, students, ect. everyones not terribly standoffish theyre pretty friendly and willing to help out. as a poc student im comfortable on campus but sometimes, rarely, youll face ignorance or two. that's something the school doesnt tolerate so you feel safe, the police are always canvasing to help you out and keep the streets safe for people who are intoxicated, potential rape victims in an incident. it's a really nice place for being pretty isolated so to speak because it is- in the mountains. love it here. ♥
The school as a whole i do not have much complaints about.
There is are good sized classes,not to big but also not too small.
The school is nice and offer a lot of help as far as tutoring, class sizes are tiny and people here are relaxed so overall my university is good
It is a nice small school in the Appalachian mountains. The academics are pretty average but it is had to find internships in the area depending on your major.
The feeling of having a home away from home that wasn't too far away, everyone is family. My first time at frostburg state on my college tour we pulled up to the entrance and then, i knew that was home.

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