Zalora Shopping Experience Essay

  • Seamless customer journey is the future of retail for Zalora and Ayala
  • The two giants in shopping will team up for better online purchases

Due to the busy schedules of shoppers in the Philippines, most of them are now resorting to buying stuff online. It doesn’t just provide convenience as internet shopping can also introduce you to a wider selection of products. Known as a one-stop shop for fashionable steals, ZALORA Group joins forces with Ayala Malls to provide promising innovations for the benefit of Filipino shoppers.

ZALORA was recently dubbed “Asia’s Online Fashion Destination,” and they really earned that for a reason.

Having almost all the popular brands, A to Z, on their application/site makes them really a God-sent online shopping experience for both women and men fashion enthusiasts. On the other hand, Ayala Malls was known for being one of the retail giants in the country that cater to the needs of their customers.

As we all know, digital shopping earned a rapid growth over the recent years. Responding on how the market shifts, Zalora and Ayala Malls decided to team up for a better consumer experience. On a media luncheon last December at Seda Hotel, ZALORA Group CEO Parker Gundersen laid out their plans to leverage both parties’ strengths in delivering exciting new models.

“This partnership creates a unique opportunity to align the country’s leading commercial mall operator, telecom provider, and consumer bank with the region’s leading online fashion retailer to create a first-of-its-kind retail partnership that focuses on the customer journey. We have very ambitious plans to connect our respective consumer-facing businesses to create ‘seamless journeys’ for customers in the Philippines and across our markets. The idea is simple- leverage our combined customer-facing businesses and our digital capabilities to create a far more connected shopping experience for Filipinos.”

Gundersen added, “We believe that by working together, ZALORA and Ayala Group can transform the customer journey into a more connected experience, where customers can move between physical and digital channels seamlessly, and that we can better learn and adapt to customer needs by leveraging our data sets to study behavior and draw insights that will help us improve customer touch points.”

Millennials and some working individuals always cling to their smartphones wherever they go, this calls for retailers to be present at different touch points of their consumer’s journey to continually entice them. “Thumb-shoppers” is on-the-look for a brand or a retailer that has the best product to offer which will add up to their fashion sense and lifestyle.

Here below are some of their past and upcoming projects to watch out for this year:

  • Click-and-Connect – Elevating the level of service from the usual click-and-collect concept, Ayala Malls and ZALORA go beyond allowing online shoppers to redirect their parcel delivery to Ayala Malls shopping centers, to allowing them to collect at their own time and convenience. Click-and-Connect customers will also automatically enjoy free shipping, as well as free 30-day returns and exchanges for all purchases. the pilot Click-and-Connect counter in Bonifacio High Street has seen tremendous response from customers and has prompted extensions in Glorietta and Trinoma before the end of the year to meet the holiday demand, with more locations expected to open by 2018.
  • Click-and-Mortar Pop-Up Store – At the forefront of the Store of the Future concept, Ayala Malls and ZALORA are reinventing the retail space with the expansion of their pop-up store to more locations by 2018. These enhanced pop-up stores will marry the click-and-mortar concept with experiential augmented reality, interactive booths and beacon technology for an enhanced and immersive shopping experience. Each store will also feature exclusive collections from top brands, as well as introduce world-class brands that are not yet available elsewhere in the country.
  • Ayala Malls Digital Christmas Gift Guide on ZALORA – For customers who want to avoid the maddening crowds this holiday season, Ayala Malls will launch its very own shop-in-shop on ZALORA that aggregates an extensive selection of gift ideas and holiday lookbooks from top local and international Ayala Malls brands. Customers can enjoy easy, breezy holiday shopping with Ayala Malls and ZALORA as they get to shop from the comfort of their own homes and have gifts delivered straight to their loved ones. Coupled with express shipping, gift wrapping and digital gift card offers, ZALORA helps us win against last-minute Christmas shopping.


ZALORA is really making a step towards shopping convenience that caters to the customers and making sure they show how much they really care about their clientele. Are you excited about these new ZALORA shopping features?



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