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History as literature, and other essays

Roosevelt, Theodore

2018. Softcover. New. Lang: - eng, Pages 332. Reprinted in 2018 with the help of original edition published long back. This book is Printed in black & white, sewing binding for longer life with Matt laminated multi-Colour Soft Cover {HARDCOVER EDITION IS ALSO AVAILABLE}, Printed on high quality Paper, re-sized as per Current standards, professionally processed without changing its contents. As these are old books, we processed each page manually and make them readable but in some cases some pages which are blur or missing or black spots. If it is multi volume set, then it is only single volume. We expect that you will understand our compulsion in these books. We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure so we brought it back to the shelves. (Any type of Customisation is possible). Hope you will like it and give your comments and suggestions.


Epstein follows up Essays in Biography (2012) with another collection of provocative and beguiling thought pieces. The range of his curiosity is exhilarating. (Publishers Weekly, March 31, 2014)

[In A Literary Education] prolific essayist, biographer, and novelist Epstein . . . delivers . . . lots of erudition . . . and . . . fun. (Kirkus Reviews, April 1, 2014)

[Epstein] writes sentences you want to remember. . . . His essays are troves of literary reference and allusion, maps between centuries, countries, genres. . . . [They] have personality and style, yes, but they also have something to say, and that's the pivotal distinction between Epstein and his bevy of imitators. . . . What's more, his wit is unkillable. (William Giraldi The New Criterion, May 1, 2014)

. . . Maybe it's time for a 'Joseph Epstein Reader' that would assemble the best work from his previous books for old and new fans alike. In the meantime, A Literary Education inspires hope that Mr. Epstein's good run [referring to the author's 24 books] isn't over just yet. (Danny Heitman The Wall Street Journal, June 17, 2014)

Epstein's . . . A Literary Education and Other Essays . . . . is his 24th book. This volume confirms that Epstein is not only the greatest living American literary critic, but also the country's foremost general essayist. He is, almost singlehandedly, holding aloft the flame for what used to be the honorable calling of 'the man of letters.' (John Podhoretz COMMENTARY, June 2014)

Joseph Epstein turns out the best essays-of the literary or familiar kind-of any writer on active duty today. . . . Those who've reviewed Epstein's work over the years . . . praise his humor, his erudition, his vast learning, and his elegance. . . . Epstein's writing, like most French desserts, is very rich stuff. (Larry Thornberry The American Spectator, June 2014)

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