Cause And Effect Video Game Essay

Sample Cause and Effect Essay on Video Games Influence of Children

Video games have been a part of children's life for the past few decades. It all started when Atari came up with its first gaming console, which included a very simple game of tennis. The controller had just one stick and one button to play with. Now, we have many different types of consoles available in the market with very complex games that requires controllers with two or more sticks and a variety of buttons. Video games are almost second nature to the modern children and they are more comfortable playing them. Playing video games can have many different effects (both positive as well as negative) on children. Some of these effects include increasing hand-eye coordination and increasing dexterity mental skills; a decreased interest in other activities such as studies and sports; and a very negative effect of inducing violence.

One of the most positive effects of video games is increasing the dexterity of a child and improving his or her hand-eye coordination. As mentioned earlier, the new video games that are coming out are extremely complex and they involve the movement of many different kinds of sticks and buttons on the controllers. These can be very good for children as they learn to make fast connections between what they see and what their hands and fingers are doing. This allows them to think quickly and improves their reflexes. The newest games are very precision-based and it takes very minute and accurate movements for the children to control the characters. This helps in making the children much more adept at handling and operating real-life machinery and objects.

Another effect that playing videogames have on children is that they tend to get addicted to playing these games and give them foremost priority. This takes the children away from their other responsibilities, such as doing house chores, homework, and other physical activities. Children also end up spending more time playing videogames in front of television screens than playing real and actual sports that involve physical exercise. This in turn can have many health-related problems for the children, as they can get obese if they don't exercise and stay home playing video games. This is perhaps the worst negative effect that videogames can have on children. Parents and educators all over the world are concerned about this phenomenon and they are urging the children to not spend so much time playing video games. Many new video game consoles, such as the new Nintendo WII, have come out with games that require users to actually get up and move.

Many researchers have talked about the effects of viewing violence in the media and how it affects children. Videogames takes this to another level, where the children are actually participating in being violent in the video games. There are many game out there that allow the children to play arm bearing characters who can kill anyone that they want, steal cars, and commit many different kinds of crime. These games can have negative implications on the children as they get immune to the idea of committing crime and end up believing that it is all right. Research is still ongoing on this negative effect and it has not entirely been proven or disproven as of yet.

We find that playing videogames can have various effects on the children, both positive as well as negative. Even though the children can benefit by increasing their dexterity and improving their reflexes, the cost of them losing out on their physical exercise and homework, as well as their becoming prone to violent acts, are way too much. It is important that the parents and the educators take up this problem seriously and enable certain rules and regulations that allow children to divide their time responsibly between playing videogames and completing their studies and other responsibilities.

Have you been set a cause and effect essay on video game violence? Do you need a helping hand? Well, luckily for you, I have 5 great ideas to help you compose a brilliant paper! Here are some great essay composing ideas:

  • Researching the topic.
  • A cause and effect essay is about why things happen (the cause) and what happens as a result (the effect), so when it comes to discussing the subject of video game violence, make sure that your essay fits the bill.

    So, first off, you should do lots of research! Do violent video games cause violent behavior in individuals? It’s not a clear cut question; you will need to dig around to find answers and opinions, so see what ideas are out there before you begin.

    The more thoroughly you investigate the subject, the better informed and prepared you will be to start composing your essay.

  • Looking at other examples.
  • Don’t just research the topic of video game violence. You should also look at some examples of cause and effect essays. The more you can study different ones and see how they have been tackled, the better a position you will be in to write your own.

  • Composing an outline.
  • Before you start writing, you should make an outline for your essay. Collate together all of your research and notes and figure out which is the most important and relevant information that you want to include. The more organized you are in preparing your paper, the easier it will be to write and the better it will be.

    Your paper should include: the introduction, the main text body and the conclusion- so be sure to plan each part. The introduction is best written last- that way you’ll know exactly what points to make and how best to make them. Your introduction should introduce the topic and state your aims and objectives for the paper. The chapters of the main text body will present your findings and the conclusion will summarize the main points before concluding on the posed question pertaining to video game violence. Make sure you plan beforehand and you won’t go wrong!

  • Writing!
  • Now it’s time to write a first draft!

  • Editing and polishing.
  • Finally, you should re-read, edit and proof. Go through your first draft, changing anything necessary along the way; but don’t stop there! Go through it as many times as it takes, paying attention to every detail each time. Don’t stop editing and polishing until you are completely satisfied with it!

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