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Summary Bibliography: Anne McCaffrey

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  • Author: Anne McCaffrey Author Record # 176
  • Legal Name: McCaffrey, Anne Inez
  • Birthplace: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Birthdate: 1 April 1926
  • Deathdate: 21 November 2011
  • Language: English
  • Webpages:Encyclopedia of Fantasy, IMDB, Library of Congress, mccaffrey.srellim.org, pernhome.com, SFE3, Wikipedia-EN
  • Used These Alternate Names:アン・マキャフリイ?, Anne McCaffery
  • Note: Mother of Todd McCaffrey.

  • Author Tags:science fiction (13), young-adult sf (3), first contact (3), dolphin (2), dragons (2), space opera (2), list NPR Top100 (2011) (1), time travel (1), survival (1), female leaders (1), dinosaurs (1), military sf (1), female main character (1), Fix up (1), cyborg (1), Merril05 (1), fantasy (1), shapechangers (1), portraits (1), art (1)
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Fiction Series
  • Acorna Universe
  • Catteni Sequence
  • Doona
  • Dragonriders of Pern
    • 1 Dragonflight (1968) also appeared as:
    • 2 Dragonquest (1971) also appeared as:
    • 3 The White Dragon (1978) also appeared as:
    • 4 Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern (1983) also appeared as:
    • 5 Nerilka's Story (1986) also appeared as:
    • 6 Dragonsdawn (1988) also appeared as:
    • 7 The Renegades of Pern (1989) also appeared as:
    • 8 All the Weyrs of Pern (1991) also appeared as:
    • 9 The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall (1993) [C] also appeared as:
    • 10 The Dolphins of Pern (1994) also appeared as:
    • 11 Red Star Rising (1996) also appeared as:
    • 12 The Masterharper of Pern (1998) also appeared as:
    • 13 The Skies of Pern (2001) also appeared as:
    • 14 Dragon's Kin (2003) withTodd McCaffrey also appeared as:
    • 16 Dragon's Fire (2006) withTodd McCaffrey
    • Foreword (Dragonsong) (1976) [ES]
    • Dragon Harper (2007) withTodd McCaffrey
    • Dragon's Time (2011) withTodd McCaffrey
    • Sky Dragons (2012) withTodd McCaffrey
    • Dragon Riders of Pern Reference
    • Dragonriders of Pern omnibuses
      • The Dragonriders of Pern (1978) [O/1,2,3]
      • The Dragonriders of Pern [boxed set] (1986) [O/1,2,3]
      • The Dragonriders of Pern [boxed set] (1991) [O/1,2,3,4]
      • De Drakerijders van Pern: Drakevlucht / Draketocht [Dutch] (1993) [O/1,2]
      • On Dragonwings (2003) [O/6, 11]
      • Moreta's Ride (2005) [O/4,5]
      • Dragonriders' Dawn (2006) [O/6, 9]
      • Pern - l'Intégrale
    • Dragonriders of Pern short fiction
    • Harper Hall

  • Ireta
  • Petaybee Universe
  • Tales of the Barque Cats
  • The Crystal Universe
  • The Ship Who ...
    • 1 The Ship Who Sang (1969) also appeared as:
    • 2 PartnerShip (1992) withMargaret Ball also appeared as:
    • 3 The Ship Who Searched (1992) withMercedes Lackey also appeared as:
    • 4 The City Who Fought (1993) withS. M. Stirling also appeared as:
    • 5 The Ship Who Won (1994) withJody Lynn Nye also appeared as:
    • The Ship Who Sang (1961) [SF] also appeared as:
    • The Ship Who Mourned (1966) [SF] also appeared as:
    • The Ship Who Killed (1966) [SF] also appeared as:
    • The Partnered Ship (1969) [SF] only appeared as:
    • The Ship Who Disappeared (1969) [SF] also appeared as:
    • Dramatic Mission (1969) [SF] also appeared as:
    • Honeymoon (1977) [SF]
    • PartnerShip (excerpt) (1992) [SF]withMargaret Ball
    • Partnership/the Ship Who Searched/the City Who Fought (1994) [O/2,3,4]withMargaret BallandMercedes LackeyandS. M. Stirling
    • Le vaisseau qui chantait [French] (1996) [C]
    • The Ship That Returned (1999) [SF] also appeared as:
    • Brain Ships (2003) [O/2-3]withMercedes LackeyandMargaret Ball
    • The Ship Who Saved the Worlds (2003) [O/5,6]withJody Lynn Nye
    • The City and The Ship (2004) [O/4,7]withS. M. Stirling

  • The Talents Universe
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Novels & Novellas

Sep 1967Restoree 
Jul 1968Dragonflight 
1969Ship Who Sang, The 
Apr 1969Decision at Doona 
May 1971Dragonquest 
May 1971Mark of Merlin, The 
Nov 1971Ring of Fear 
Aug 1973To Ride Pegasus 
1975Time When, Aexpanded into The White Dragon
Dec 1975Kilternan Legacy, The 
Sep 1977Dragonsinger 
Jun 1978Dinosaur Planet 
Jun 1978White Dragon, The 
Aug 1982Crystal Singer 
1983Coelura, The 
Oct 1983Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern 
1984Stitch in Snow 
Nov 1984Dinosaur Planet Survivors (UK: The Survivors) 
Dec 1985Killashandra 
Mar 1986Nerilka’s Story 
Sep 1986Year of Lucy, The 
Nov 1987Lady, The (UK: The Carradyne Touch) 
Nov 1988Dragonsdawn 
Nov 1989Renegades of Pern, The 
Nov 1990Pegasus in Flight 
Nov 1990Rowan, The 
Aug 1991Rescue Runre-published within The Chronicles of Pern
Sep 1991All The Weyrs of Pern 
Nov 1992Crystal Line 
Jan 1993Damia’s Children 
Sep 1993Dolphin's Bell, There-published within The Chronicles of Pern
Nov 1993Chronicles of Pern: First Fall, The 
Feb 1994Lyon’s Pride 
Oct 1994Dolphins of Pern, The 
1995Freedom’s Landing 
Nov 1995Exchange of Gifts, An 
1996Black Horses for the King 
Oct 1996No One Noticed the Cat 
Feb 1997Dragonseye (UK: Red Star Rising) 
1997Freedom’s Choice 
Oct 1997Diversity of Dragons, Awith Richard Woods; part fiction, part non-fiction
Jan 1998Masterharper of Pern, The 
1998Freedom’s Challenge 
Oct 1998If Wishes Were Horses 
Feb 1999Nimisha's Ship 
1999Tower and Hive, The 
Apr 2000Pegasus In Space 
Apr 2001Skies of Pern, The 
Jun 2002Freedom’s Ransom 

Co-Authored Works

Mar 1990SassinakCo-author Elizabeth Moon
Jul 1990Death of Sleep, TheCo-author Jody Lynn Nye
Mar 1991Generation WarriorsCo-author Elizabeth Moon
Dec 1991PartnershipCo-author Margaret Ball
Mar 1992Crisis on DoonaCo-author Jody Lynn Nye
Aug 1992Ship Who Searched, TheCo-author Mercedes Lackey
Apr 1993City Who Fought, TheCo-author S.M. Stirling
Jul 1993Powers That BeCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Feb 1994Treaty at Doona (UK: Treaty Planet)Co-author Jody Lynn Nye
Apr 1994Ship Who Won, TheCo-author Jody Lynn Nye
Jun 1994Power LinesCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Jul 1995Power PlayCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Jul 1997AcornaCo-author Margaret Ball
Jul 1998Acorna’s QuestCo-author Margaret Ball
Jul 1999Acorna’s PeopleCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Aug 2000Acorna’s WorldCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Dec 2001Acorna’s SearchCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Feb 2003Acorna’s RebelsCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Dec 2003Dragon's KinCo-author Todd McCaffrey
Mar 2004Acorna’s TriumphCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Aug 2005First Warning: Acorna's ChildrenCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Dec 2005ChangelingsCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Jul 2006Dragon's FireCo-author Todd McCaffrey
Aug 2006Second Wave: Acorna's ChildrenCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Dec 2006MaelstromCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Jul 2007Third Watch: Acorna's ChildrenCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Dec 2007Dragon HarperCo-author Todd McCaffrey
Mar 2008DelugeCo-author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough


Jun 1977Get Off The Unicorn 
May 1994Girl Who Heard Dragons, The 
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