South Korea Essay Topics

The 20 Best Research Paper Topics On North Korea For College Students

North Korea is a mysterious country for most of the people. They do not know many things about it, except for what they hear in the media. On the Internet there isn’t so much information that you can find, so you need to dig deeper for your research paper. Also, make sure that everything you write is verified. These are the 20 best research paper topics on North Korea:

  1. The history. Before anything else, your colleagues need to know something about the history of this country. Go back in time as much as you can so they will understand all the details.
  2. The borders. As you know, there is a border between North and South Korea. Why is that?
  3. The political government. It is one of the few countries in the world where a cult of personality is still present.
  4. Kim II Sung. The president of North Korea is one of the most mysterious leaders of the world.
  5. Korea and the Soviet Union. Did the former Soviet Union influence Korea in any way?
  6. The Korean war.
  7. Nuclear weapons. It is still believed that this country has the biggest nuclear weapon in the world, and that it is ready to be used at any time.
  8. S.U.A’s involvement. Did they involve themselves in the Korean government in any way?
  9. Provinces of North Korea. Try to find different pictures to help your classmates visualize better this country.
  10. The personality cult. The president of this country is considered, among others, the son of the Sun, a God and a Superhero.
  11. Constitution. Even if, apparently, the constitution is like any other one, the laws don’t get applied.
  12. Internet. North Korea is considered to be the only country in the World where people do not have open access to Internet.
  13. Society rules. The families there follow very strict rules and traditions. Mention some of them.
  14. Labor camps. Even if the government did not admit, it was discovered that many labor camps are functioning all over the country.
  15. Prisoners. In Korean prisons, you are incarcerated with all your family. Only the third generation will gain freedom.
  16. Haircuts. It sounds silly, but citizens are obligated to choose from a few specific types of hairstyles. Those who don’t are being sent to prison.
  17. Reunification. A few years back, South and North Korea signed an agreement about reuniting the countries. Because of political differences this did not happen.
  18. Military. This country has the biggest army in the world, composed of millions of soldiers.
  19. Health system. Although the government is not very permissible, the health system proves to be effective for every citizen.
  20. Loyalty. This is, indeed, a strong word in this country. If your family is loyal to the regime, you can have a very comfortable life.

Essay on South Korean Culture

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South Korea is one of the most homogeneous countries in the world, in which it has its own culture, language, and customs that are different from other Asian countries. In South Korea, the citizens greatly value hard work, filial piety, and humility in their daily lives. South Koreans are very proud people in which they pride themselves in their traditional culture and their financial success. South Koreans have certain etiquettes and manners that are highly esteemed in their culture. Like Japan and China, the bow is the main custom of greeting someone. It is not only a form of greeting, but it is also a sign of respect that an individual is showing to the other. Entitlement is important in South Korea, especially when you are…show more content…

Even though many South Koreans express no religious preference, there are two main religions in the country; the citizens of South Korea practice Christianity and Buddhism. Since South Korea is a homogeneous country, it has its own spoken language. The country also does not have many ethnicities residing in the nation, except for some migrant Chinese laborers. South Korea’s social structure revolves around the individual’s professional, family, and education background. People who have attained prestigious job titles, graduated from a first-rate university, or was born into an influential family are placed very high on the social structure. People who do not have a respectable education background are usually on the bottom of the status pole; however, it is possible for social mobility. The South Korean education system is similar to the one in the United States. Even though the years of attendance might be dissimilar from the US, the education system still consists of an elementary, middle, and high school. After graduating from high school, most students apply and attend universities from all across the nation. South Korea appears in the first quadrant of Figure 2.2 in which states that the country has a culture with relatively larger power distance and lower individualism. South Korea has a relatively large power distance due to the country’s strong emphasis in respecting for one’s elders and superiors. This cultural belief is deeply

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