Civilizations Of The Americas Dbq Essay For Ap

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Section 1: Civilizations of Mesoamerica  Climate and geography contributed to the rise of several powerful civilizations in Middle America.

Section 2: Andean Cultures of South America  Several cultures developed in and along the Andes in South America, and eventually the Incas built a complex civilization there that relied on order and absolute authority.

Section 3: Peoples of North America  Geographic diversity contributed to the growth of a great variety of cultures in North America.

Chapter 6 Study Guide


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DBQ9: Civilizations of the Americas

The Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans were highly developed civilizations. They excelled in the
Economical, agricultural and intellectual felids. These civilizations which were separated from the
Rest of the world managed to thrive on their own. These civilizations had many major accomplishments.

These civilizations had highly developed economical systems. The Aztecs which were thought to be
brutes and uncivilized were actual very smart. In 1519 when Hernan Cortés arrived in Tenochtitlan was
impressed by the wealth and size of the community.”60000 souls…all the kinds of merchandise… jewels
of gold and silver…” (Quoted form doc.3). This shows that the land is filled with riches. The Incan empire
was united in the Andes Mountains by roads. These were useful for trade and easy movement military
troop. This was significant accomplishment because it now allowed for easy and safe way to move for the
military to travel in cases of attack. This also was a very useful way to cut time in reaching certain

The Incan empire showed great agricultural technique. They used irrigation channels to supply water to
plants. The crop grew in scattered sections and ever so often they planted in different areas. This strength
the land and also provide fertility. They were planted in highland areas which prevented them obtaining
too much water. This allowed only the necessary amount to be absorbed from the irrigation channel to the
plant preventing it from rotting. As shown in the picture in document 6.

The big Mayan temple in Tikal was greatly admired and showed the intelligence of this civilization. It
was the largest structure in the Americas until the twentieth century .T his beautiful built architectural
masterpiece indicates that the Mayans had a great mathematical understanding which is need to create
something like this. The glyph showed in document two from the Mayan calendar shows that the Mayans...

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