Lds Primary Assignment Reminders 2014 Movies

One of the highlights of our opening exercises each Sunday is “mail time”.  We have a little mailbox (that really could use a facelift at this point actually) and in it we put the assignments for the following Sunday (you know, opening prayer, scripture, talk etc).  This year we will also be putting in scripture hero clue cards.

Each week at the end of all our opening exercises and right before we transition into singing time, we pick a child who has been reverent to be our “mailman”.  It is quite the honor, and they do not take the responsibility lightly.  They open the mailbox and hand out the assignments to the children (the younger ones that can’t read yet get a little assistance) and then there is a little treat for the mailman.

We throw other kinds of announcements & invitations in there as well including things related to activity days, baptisms, priesthood previews, baptism previews, ward parties etc.

I was able to get our new assignment cards for the 2016 theme- I know the scriptures are true- done today so I thought I would share.  We also put the assignments in the monthly newsletter which I email & hand out in hard copy form.  Hopefully, one way or another, families are notified!

If you are like me, you have a meager primary budget and can’t afford color copies.  Therefore I end up using all my own ink so I opt for minimal color when possible with white background, hopefully that works for you! I added the theme for 2016: I know the scriptures are true.

Here’s oldest, cute as a button, modeling for me.  We just punch two holes and tie yarn and they wear them home.  Some of the kids even wear them back the next week for their prayer or talk or whatever.

Their faces just light up when the mailman reads their names & delivers their “mail”.  If you are looking to start the primary mailbox system in your ward I did find this mailbox for $13 (on sale from $30) on Amazon.  I’m debating whether to get it for us, ’cause like I said, ours is on its last leg…  I also found this one that is smaller and more of a toy mailbox (might fit in your cupboard better??).  

So if you are ready to download your free primary sharing time assignment cards for 2016 just click below! And be sure to follow me on pinterest or facebook to keep up on all things primary! 🙂  And if you are gearing up for primary program rehearsals like we are check out our raffle tickets system that we are going to try.

What new things are you starting in your primary next year??

Sharing Time Assignment Cards 2016

UPDATE: I have had several people request assignment cards that said “Article of Faith” in lieu of “other”.   Your wish is my command 😉 here ya are:

Sharing Time Assignment Cards with Article of Faith download here

UPDATE: coordinating binder covers here & bulletin board printables here

UPDATE: 2017 sharing time assignment cards now available here!

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Well, I’ve had these made for about 2 months now and am finally getting them posted.  Such is my life of late. These sharing time assignment cards were made to coordinate with my 2017 binder covers which you can download here.

In our primary we use a mailbox to deliver our assignment cards and other “mail” each week.  I punch two holes to the top of the cards and run yarn through them so the kids can wear their assignment cards home around their necks.  We also put the assignments in our monthly newsletter (template available here) so families are notified in two ways.

If you are looking to start the mailbox system in your primary, amazon has a cute one here

I made two versions this year, one with an option for article of faith, and one with an option for “other”.  You can download them for free below!  Thanks for stopping by :).

Sharing Time Assignment Cards

Sharing Time Assignment Cards Article of Faith

There were some requests for a black and white version so here you are!

Download black & white here

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