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The rain was deafening.

I peered around through the rain, desperately searching for some shelter, I was drowning out here. The trouble was, I wasn’t in the best part of town, and in fact it was more than a little dodgy. I know this is my home turf but even I had to be careful. At least I seemed to be the only one out here on such an awful night. The rain was so powerfully loud I couldn’t hear should anyone try and creep up on me. I also couldn’t see very far with the rain so heavy and of course there were no street lights, they’d been broken long ago. The one place I knew I could safely enter was the church, so I dashed.

At last I arrived, unmolested except for the rain, at the hefty decaying doors of the church. I pushed the…show more content…

For once I felt the sudden need to be near other people, so I headed for the door quickly. The street was deserted. Strewn across the road were all my belongings. Why were they here and not in my cardboard box where I slept in Well Street? Who had done this? Were they thieves? Not that I had much to steal. I began gathering everything up. My blankets had been shredded. There were dents in things, bits pulled off other things and generally messed with. Even the things that used to be usefully were destroyed. Why would anyone even bother to do this? As I looked at my surroundings I began to feel a little disorientated. The ground seemed to move. Then I felt distinctly uneasy. Was he back? At a distance I thought I could see people so I hurried in their direction but they never seemed to get nearer. At once, I was then surrounded by them! No faces! They’ve got no faces! I closed my eyes and when I opened them the people were gone. I suddenly felt as if I was being watched. I glanced around furtively and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a lion! I screamed but it was gone. As I again looked around I thought I could see dozens of pairs of eyes behind every window staring at me malevolently. I turned and ran. Breathlessly, I re-entered the church and slammed the door behind me.

And there he was again. Panic surged through me as I was held in his

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I fled the house as soon as I found out. My rich red cloak flew behind me, along with the tangle of ebony waves. The sky was crying, its teardrops sealed my hair and clothes to my pale as paper skin. Where was I going?

Somnolent, but determined, I carried on running deeper and deeper into the misty wood. I wrestled with my anger and anxiety of these past few days, forcing them to the back of my head. It was like trying to climb an escalating skyscraper without using your hands- it was impossible.

I began to feel the disturbance of the environment consequently, finding it harder and harder to disguise my apprehension. "Keep going", I told myself.

The aroma smelt musky and confined. I could taste my desiccated mouth. I could feel the grief and distress of the area more and more. I felt trees cackling at me, like witches, watching my every move. I heard supportive voices in my head, only to be surpassed by a horrible, disconcerting voice.

A crash and a pop made me jump although, they were only fireworks. The smallest sounds made my heart skip a beat.

Running. Just running.

Suddenly, I find myself falling. Falling into a fathomless pit of nothing. I tried to grasp the 'Nothing', extending my arms as much as I could. I saw black. It was so black I was convinced I had my eyes closed. I could see nothing, hear nothing, smell nothing but, in that nothing, I could feel something.

What was that something?

I landed. Blood trickled from the graze on my leg, seeping through and onto my skin. Sweat raced down my back. Panic stricken, I looked around. Silence.

And then I saw it.

(Got a few level 7's and 8's for this piece.)

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