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How to make American Girl Doll School Folders

We just recently did our back to school supply shopping and picking out the folders was the best part. So many great characters, themes, designs and movies to choose from! Choosing which folders to get probably took longer than picking out clothes! We had to make some cute folders for our dolls so they didn’t feel left out. What designs do your dolls like?

Materials Needed:


  • If you don’t have a color printer, just use the template and trace it on colored card stock.
  • Card stock is perfect for the folders, but if you want to be even more authentic, use glossy photo paper! It will give you the shiny look a real folder has.

Watch and tell us what other items are on your dolls back to school list!

One of the most basic of school supplies is paper – and all kinds of paper!! Today’s Camp Doll Diaries activity doesn’t even require a lot of special supplies – just print out the PDF below, cut out the pages and put them into your doll’s folders.

Download the free printable doll sized school paper as a PDF file.

Print out as many pages as you need for your dolls to practice their handwriting, take notes or work on their math graphing skills. 

If you need folders for the papers to go in, visit the doll folders and supplies post from last summer to print out the pattern.

Have a great day!!


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