Emmanuel Polanco Illustration Essay

My name is Emmanuel Polanco.
I am an author and an illustrator born in Paris, France and currently living and working in Sweden.
My illustrator career began after my studies in 2001, by practicing collage, painting and drawing.
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Represented by Colagene, Illustration Clinic

Selected clients:
Steppenwolf Theater, Ogilvy Chicago, D la Repubblica, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic Magazine, Random House publishing, Newsweek, M le magazine du Monde, Eight by Eight, L'Obs, Femme Majuscule magazine, Nautilus Magazine, Les Inrockuptibles magazine, Philosophie magazin (DE), Gallimard éditions (NRF), The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Reuters, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Penguin editions, Philosophie magazine, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Monocle Magazine…

Picture books:
Recettes pour mes enfants, Bruno Verjus, Emmanuel Polanco, Éditions Alternatives, 2015.
Les Animaux dans la nuit, Emmanuel Polanco, Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 2014.
Petite Alice aux Merveilles (The Nursery Alice), Lewis Carroll traduction by Florence Delaporte, Illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco, Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 2013.
L'enfant et la nuit, Olivier Balazuc, Emmanuel Polanco, Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 2011.
Les Animaux dans la neige, Emmanuel Polanco, Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 2009.

Lolita - The story of a Girl: Vladimir Nabokov novel in art and design
Presenting Shakespeare: 1,100 Poster from around the world
Cutting Edges Contemporary Collage (gestalten)
Illusive #3 Contemporary illustrations (gestalten)
Lemon poppy seed (gestalten)

French artist Emmanuel Polanco has been involved in some pretty cool projects. From his clean book cover designs to designing the posters for the Royal Shakespeare Company to illustrating the booklet for the United States Postal Service’s Commemorative Edition of the Edgar Allan Poe stamp.

His work leans surreal and offers a fresh perspective for these classic works.

for the Royal Shakespeare Company 2011/2012 production of Measure for Measure

cover of French Edition of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl

cover for Fictive edition, 2006

Illustration for “Thomas More, l’Utopie”

 Illustration for Howler magazine, first issue. “The play’s the Thing. How soccer imitates art.”

More at Polanco’s website, In Melancholia

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